The Shearer Group, Inc. Provides Towboat Modifications to Living Lands & Waters

Houston,Texas – May 17th, 2018 – The Shearer Group, Inc. (TSGI) was contracted in 2017 by Living Lands & Waters (LL&W), an environmental non-profit organization whose primary mission is to aid in the protection, preservation and restoration of the natural environment of the nations’ major rivers and their watershed. TSGI provided design and engineering services to LL&W for modifications to a 38’ towboat, the M/V River Cleanup.

President of LL&W, Chad Pregracke, approached TSGI about reducing the length of the M/V River Cleanup to 26’. TSGI performed an as-built survey of the towboat to assess its current condition and develop as built drawings. TSGI analyzed the strength and stability of the vessel and designed modifications to reduce the length of the vessel from 38’ to 26’ in length. The construction modifications were recently completed by Yager Marine in Owensboro, KY and the M/V River Cleanup was delivered back to LL&W. TSGI donated a portion of its time to LL&W for the design modifications.

Quote from Chad Pregracke, President of LL&W:

“It has been a SHEARER pleasure working with The Shearer Group, Inc. The boat not only has a ton of practical applications but also sentimental value so I want to thank everyone for making it happen!”

TSGI has partnered with LL&W on projects in the past and is happy to be a part of a great cause.  The Shearer Group, Inc. (TSGI) is the global leader for design of inland towboats, ferries and barges. We have a rich history of providing naval architecture, marine engineering and marine surveying services to the marine industry, with a focus on the inland sector.


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