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The Shearer Group, Inc. provides naval architecture, marine engineering, marine surveying and technical support services to clients worldwide. Commercial vessel designs include towboats, inland barges (liquid cargo, dry cargo, crane), passenger vessels and miscellaneous vessels such as dry docks and casinos.

Quality is an important part of engineering, and at The Shearer Group, Inc. our naval architects and marine engineers follow strict document checking procedures. All drawings and calculations that leave The Shearer Group, Inc. are checked by a senior or principal naval architect and marine engineer prior to release. This checking process ensures that all documents have at least “two sets of eyes” on them, and fosters a team approach for almost all of our projects.

Further, regular design review meetings are held to ensure that our naval architects and marine engineers are not working in a vacuum. With a core purpose “To Create”, it is important to make sure that we are constantly innovating and pushing our work product to the limits. That said, our engineers also have much real world experience, enabling us to make sure that our designs are innovative, yet practical. Our rich operational history helps keep our naval architects, marine engineers, marine surveyors and designers grounded and able to deliver real world solutions to our client’s problems.


The Shearer Group, Inc. is a full-service naval architecture, marine engineering and marine surveying firm specializing in commercial vessel design and consulting.

Core Values

  • Technical Excellence
  • Attention to Detail
  • Customer Centric
  • Engineering Ethics
  • Professionalism
  • Responsibility


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