PBL 3421 Underway

Seabrook, Texas – May 8th,2013.

Ed Shearer, Principal Naval Architect with The Shearer Group, Inc., announces the delivery of the “PBL 3421” by Raymond & Associates, LLC, Bayou La Batre, AL, to Progressive Barge Line, Inc., New Orleans. This is the first of two barges, both 297’- 6” X 54’ X 12’ inland service double skin tank barges each having a cargo capacity of about 4700 short tons at 11’- 6” draft. The barges are certified by the U. S. Coast Guard as Type II or Type III hulls for 1.05 or lower specific gravity products and will be used in Progressive Barge Line’s operations on the Gulf Coast.

The barges, designed by The Shearer Group, Inc., have a cargo heating system utilizing a Hopkins Volcanic 8.0 MBTU Thermal Oil Heater, integral vapor control system and redundant cargo pumping systems, cargo metering systems, provisions for “split cargoes”, and a fueling boom.

The Shearer Group, Inc. is located in Clear Lake, Texas, and provides naval architecture, marine engineering, marine surveying, professional engineering, and construction oversight services to both the offshore and inland sectors of the marine industry.  Recent work includes small passenger vessels, oil and deck barges, towboats, and dredges.  The Shearer Group, Inc. is located at 3101 NASA Parkway, Suite I, Seabrook, Texas 77586. For further information on this or other designs available, visit their website: www.shearer-group.com.



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