Walking Spud Dredge

TSGI was hired by LAD Marine Services of Louisiana, Inc. to design an ABS classed, oceans unmanned deck cargo barge/crane barge with a pedestal mounted crane, two spud wells and a walking spud. The crane is a Liebherr HS 8300 Heavy Duty crane with a 125-foot boom, clam shell bucket for dredging operations, and approved to lift 67 Long Tons of material in the worst of conditions. The barge was outfitted with 200 Long Tons of equipment on deck including living quarters, offices, workshops, storage and observation areas. The spuds are 60 feet tall and can be locked in place to maintain a constant digging depth. The walking spud was custom designed utilizing locomotive wheels and rails for strength and reliability. The fixed spud wells incorporate an external gate to allow the removal of the spud in the event of damage without requiring cutting of the barge or spuds. With two large freshwater tanks and a large, elevated fuel oil tank at the center of the vessel, the barge was designed for prolonged operation with minimal resupply.