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Barbour JB Shipyard, LLC (owned by JB Marine Services, Inc and Kaskaskia Shipyard) hired The Shearer Group, Inc. in the spring of 2014 to help bring back the “Barbour “ hull design JB Marine Service once built back in the early 90s. We wanted a marine architect/engineering firm we could partner with who was large enough to be recognized in our industry yet small enough to help us with all the details of our first boat to be built in over 20 years. After several interviews with multiple firms and much consideration we chose “The Shearer Group, Inc.” and are very happy we did. Their expertise, recommendations and attention to details gave us the added confidence needed in our new venture. Our new “Barbour” boat is well on its way to be completed on time thanks to our partners at “The Shearer Group, Inc.”
-- David Heyl, CFO, JB Marine Services, Inc
The Shearer Group are Excellent Re Design engineers to help with a restoration and re-furbishment of an existing piece of equipment where you need to take into consideration future regulations. They don’t mind crawling around in the bilge.
-- Z David DeLoach, President, Deloach Marine Services, LLC
We have utilized the services of The Shearer Group, Inc. on many projects. The technical expertise and onsite project management of new vessel, barge and dry dock construction has always met all of our expectations. In addition, the consulting services offered by The Shearer Group has provided us with detailed reports and guided us successfully on many major vessel renovation projects within our organization.
-- Dan Lacek, Director of Facility and Shipyard Operations/Mon River, Campbell Transportation Company, Inc.
The Shearer Group works with us on many projects, including military contracting. They provide engineering expertise as well as a great understanding of operational issues. They always come through for us.
-- Capt. J. Larry Barber, Sr., VP - Contracting, Wepfer Marine, Inc.
The Shearer Group handles all of our Marine Engineering work on a cost effective and timely basis. They are great people to work with.
-- Bruce McGinnis, CEO, McNational, Inc.
Progressive Barge Line, Inc. has utilized The Shearer Group’s naval architecture support to upgrade our barge fleet. The Shearer Group has engineered required modifications on our bunker fleet and has pursued and acquired United States Coast Guard approvals so that Progressive ‘s diverse bunker fleet can continue to provide excellent service to its customers.
-- Glen A. Page, Barge Compliance, Progressive Barge Line, Inc.