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About The Shearer Group, Inc.

Recent work at The Shearer Group, Inc. includes functional designs for towboats and all manner of barges. Liquid cargo barge designs include double hull oil barges, chemical barges, and pressure barges. Dry cargo barges include deck and hopper barges, as well as crane barges. Powered vessel designs include conventional towboats, azimuth drive (z-drive) towboats, self propelled barges and dredges. Additionally, The Shearer Group, Inc. is involved in many refits and modifications, and has designed many other marine structures, including floating dry docks, floating dock facilities and floating casinos.

The Shearer Group, Inc. was formed in 2010 when Greg Beers, P.E. and Cory Wood of Bristol Harbor Group, Inc. bought the assets of Shearer & Assoc., Inc. from Ed Shearer, P.E., President of Shearer & Assoc., Inc. A new corporate entity, The Shearer Group, Inc., was created to provide naval architecture, marine engineering, marine surveying and professional engineer services to clients in the inland and offshore marine industries. 

The Shearer Group, Inc. is a combination of the best of what Mr. Shearer has spent the past several decades building at Shearer & Assoc., Inc.; and that which Messrs. Beers and Wood have built at their naval architecture and marine engineering firm, Bristol Harbor Group, Inc., over the past twenty years.

Shearer & Assoc., Inc. has a history of providing engineering services to their inland and offshore marine clients, as well as being accredited by OSHA for Maritime Gear Certification, certified as an AWO-RCP Auditor, and providing technical consulting and marine surveying services to the broader marine industry. Inland barges built to their designs number in the thousands, along with a myriad of towboat, dry dock and other specialty designs, and various projects involving modifications and conversions of marine vessels including structural analyses for “older” tank vessels. Further, Shearer & Assoc. Inc., and now The Shearer Group, Inc., is proud to be one of the only naval architecture and marine engineering members of The American Waterways Operators, Inc.

The “Shearer” name is synonymous with the inland marine industry, from Mr. Shearer’s contributions to the field of naval architecture, to the multigenerational family owned barge line before him. O. F. Shearer & Sons barge line moved coal on the rivers from the 1920’s until 1973 when it was bought out by one of its largest customers. Ed’s dad, Capt. Bert, was well known, and well respected on the rivers, and Ed spent much of his childhood working with, and learning from, his dad. As such, The Shearer Group, Inc. remains dedicated to the vessels that ply the inland waterways, and we hope to continue in the tradition of our namesake.

Ed Shearer, P.E. remains a principal naval architect with the company, and is actively involved in many of the current design projects, including new azimuth drive towboats, and chemical and pressure barge designs. The greater technical team includes University of Michigan and University of New Orleans trained naval architects, many with Master’s degrees in addition to their Bachelor’s degrees in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, and two with Professional Engineering Licenses. Other members of the technical team include designers and marine surveyors with a myriad of accreditations for inspecting and auditing, including NAMS members, Certified Welding Inspectors and American Waterways Operators’ certified Responsible Carrier Program auditors.

The Core Purpose of our company is: To Create. This purpose, combined with a passion for workboats, drive our naval architects to innovate and operate on the cutting edge of emerging technologies. Ed Shearer, P.E. was at the creast of the inland z-drive towboat wave, and we are actively pursuing other innovative projects, from LNG and LPG fueled vessels, to new pressure barge concepts.

Ed Shearer and Greg Beers pictured together - Our Group Focus is Vessels and Barges

Vision: To be the most well respected naval architecture and marine engineering firm in the nation as measured against our core values.

  • Technical Excellence
  • Attention to Detail
  • Customer Centric

  • Engineering Ethics
  • Professionalism
  • Responsibility


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