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Miscellaneous Vessels

The Shearer Group, Inc. has designed many vessels in addition to towboats and barges, including floating dry docks, floating dock facilities and floating casinos. As evidenced by the list, our specialty is “floating” structures. Our naval architects and marine engineers have designed thousands of towboats and barges, and we welcome the change that comes from designing different floating structures.

Specific experience includes: a 172’ x 29’ floating dry dock; a 1200 DWT capacity floating dry dock for Carline; several floating dock barges for cargo transfer at a bulk cement production facility in St. Louis; and the Beau Rivage casino in Biloxi, Mississippi. We provided design calculations and contract plans and specifications for five 100’ x 300’ x 10’ barges for this floating casino.

The Shearer Group, Inc. also handled a "one of a kind" project to convert a series of inland service tank barges into a floating camp ground. The “RV Barges” were used to load standard recreational vehicles, have them plug into the electric, water and sewage service on the barges, and then be maneuvered by a towboat around the canals and waterways of the Gulf Coast. We worked with the owner to obtain Coast Guard approval for the barges and developed safety and operating procedures.

Further, our marine surveyors have been involved in construction oversight for miscellaneous vessels such as those above, and also three aluminum passenger-carrying sailing catamarans that were built in Florida.

As with our sister company, anything that floats is fair game for our naval architects and marine engineers. Contact us today with your design needs.

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