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Liquid Cargo Barges

The Shearer Group, Inc., has designed various types of liquid cargo barges to transport liquid products such as regular oils, gasoline, acids, and pressurized products such as butane and propane. Other liquid cargos include heated products such as molten sulfur and asphalt, refrigerated products such as anhydrous ammonia, and a series of barges designed to carry food-grade products. A large portion of our liquid barge design experience focuses on double hull barges for transporting hazardous, toxic and environmentally unsafe liquids.

We have also designed liquid cargo barges to carry such unique products as liquid drilling mud for the oilfield industry. We worked with one client to develop a design and a patent for an offshore barge certified by the U.S. Coast Guard and the American Bureau of Shipping to carry oil field waste (shale) as an open-top liquid cargo barge.

We were involved in the design and construction oversight for 48 aluminum liquid cargo barges for use by Alyeska Pipeline Services in Valdez, Alaska. The barges were to be used for oil spill response and were to be light enough to be trucked as a minimum permit load, to have a tank capacity such that licensed personnel were not required for oil transfer, and to admeasure such that the barges were not subject to U.S. Coast Guard regulations.

Similarly, small double hull liquid cargo barges, equipped with deck-mounted tanks for water, lubricating oils and slop oils have been designed for clients involved in mid-stream fueling of inland service towboats, and for others involved in ocean service ship bunkering. Additionally, we have been involved in conversions of “standard” tank barges to such service. As noted above, The Shearer Group, Inc. has a rich history designing liquid cargo barges and looks forward to continuing to be a leader in this industry.
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