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Dry Cargo Barges

The Shearer Group, Inc., has designed open and covered hopper barges for many clients and thousands of barges have been built to our designs. These designs are the “standard” for the inland industry, but vary enough as to require new analyses of the structure, cargo-carrying capabilities and deck fitting arrangement and outfitting.

We have also worked with a client on the East Coast who is involved in transporting aggregate on Chesapeake Bay. We have designed two sizes of large (350’ and 275’) deck barges to meet his requirements and, to date, over fifteen of the barges have been built.

Crane barge rigs and other dry cargo barges have been designed for carrying dry drilling mud and have included innovative concepts such as pneumatic cargo transfer systems. Similarly, cement barges, complete with self-contained machinery, and cargo transfer systems have been designed, with up to 3000 ton capacity. 

Dry Cargo Vessels

Dry Cargo Barge

Dry Cargo barge Vessels