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Crane Barges

The Shearer Group, Inc. has designed many deck barges that can be used with mobile cranes, as well as dedicated crane barges, or floating cranes. Floating cranes are principally used to unload cargo from ocean going ships to inland dry cargo barges, many of which have been designed by our firm as well.

Recent experience includes the design of a 200’ x 72’ x 17’ barge for Charleston Heavy Lift. Once outfitted with her shear-leg crane, this floating crane will be capable of lifting 800-tons.

Another Shearer designed floating crane, the SARA B, is 200’ x 64’ x 10’ and has a 150-ton, tub mounted crane used for mid-stream cargo transfer. The Shearer Group, Inc. provided design calculations, contract plans, detail construction drawings, and acted as owner’s representative during construction for this vessel..

The Shearer Group, Inc. has also designed dedicated crane barges for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, including two 75’ crane barges.

Further, The Shearer Group, Inc. has designed deck barges for use with mobile (crawler) cranes. Many of these crane barges are employed by small construction companies for bridge and coastal maintenance and construction projects.

Our naval architects are very familiar with U.S. Coast Guard, OSHA and American Bureau of Shipping requirements for crane barges, so please contact us with your cargo handling problem, and let us help develop an efficient and practical solution for your specific situation.